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Our 'hands on feet' workshops are run by an experienced Podiatrist 



'Hands on Feet' diabetes training

Face to face - we can provide a single workshop or we also work with organisations to deliver larger diabetes programmes.  

Please Contact us if you would like to discuss 'in house' sessions.

We also run regular open workshops (particularly for the 'diabetic foot screening' training) - more details can be accessed via the button below. 

Virtual live webinar sessions - virtual open workshops have been suspended.  For virtual 'in house' training, exclusively for your organisation, please call us on 01799 584178. 

The NHS spends more on diabetic footcare in England than the combined cost of breast, prostate and lung cancers; with over 90% of expenditure relating to ulceration (The cost of diabetic foot disease in England, Marion Kerr: The Diabetic Foot Journal Vol 22 No 4 2019)!  Having a foot ulcer can have a huge impact on someone's health and wellbeing.  Diabetic foot ulcers are preventable, and even 75% of recurrent ulcers could be avoided.  


Therefore we have decided to expand our 'hands on feet' training portfolio beyond diabetic foot check training, to further support both the clinical and non-clinical community who care for or treat people living with diabetes. Going beyond the care and health workforce we now also offer:

  • a 'diabetic foot awareness' workshop for beauty and wellness therapists (who are a valuable extra pair of eyes, ears and hands for their clients who live with diabetes).  We feel they could be part of the solution to reduce the incidence of diabetic foot problems and amputations

  • an 'ankle brachial pressure index (ABPI) Assessment' workshop for the clinical workforce - training that is not just the theory!


All of the ‘hands on feet’ workshops can be run ‘in house’, exclusively for your organisation at your (or an agreed) location.  Alternatively, we also periodically run open workshops in various locations nationally where individual places can be booked (see link at the bottom of the page for a summary of all currently scheduled open workshops). 

Our face to face workshops are held as small, interactive groups (accommodating up to 12 people unless otherwise stated) include activities and practical sessions.  

Please do get in touch if you would like to be notified when open workshops are scheduled, or would like to suggest or offer a suitable venue.

We offer discounts to providers when we use their training facilities as an open workshop venue
– please talk to us if you would like to know more.


Diabetic Foot Screening  
 6 hours f2f (including lunch) or 3 hours 45 mins virtual

This workshop is for all practitioners working for social care or healthcare providers (whether in registered or non-registered roles) who are involved in examining the feet of people with diabetes.  Using NICE guidance as a framework the workshop aims to equip the learner with the knowledge and skills to competently examine and screen the diabetic foot for potential and actual problems.

Informative and relevant, whether you are looking for a refresher (to stay up to date) or are new to carrying out diabetic foot checks, this workshop covers:

  • The definition of a foot ulcer

  • The economic and personal cost of developing a foot ulcer

  • When foot screening should be performed

  • The factors contributing to someone developing a foot ulcer

  • The method and steps to take when examining the diabetic foot

  • Diabetic foot risk algorithms

  • How to apply the correct risk classification

  • Suitable footwear for people with diabetes

  • The causes of neuropathy and peripheral arterial disease (PAD)

  • The Ipswich Touch Test and the Neuropad® screening test

  • The process of referral for the person with diabetes at each classification of risk

  • Practical demonstration by the educator (a podiatrist) who then observes and assists the learners during a practical session

At face to face workshops, the learners have plenty of 'hands on feet' time to put the theory and skills learnt into practice.  The 'core skills and capability' of each learner will be assessed by the educator during the workshop.


In house: contact us 

Open workshops: visit the open workshops page for more information regarding  the various locations (next scheduled date is 7 September 2024 in North Wales).  More dates are being planned for other parts of the UK

Online mini module series: currently being updated

Diabetic Foot Awareness for Beauty and Wellness Therapists   |   4 hours f2f  

This training is designed for beauty and wellness therapists (who provide foot related treatments such as pedicures and reflexology), to understand the diabetic foot and feel confident of when to treat and when to leave alone.  The educator will also share with learners what advice to give and when to encourage clients to seek additional footcare from a healthcare professional if they spot signs of foot problems.

This workshop covers:

  • What diabetes is and associated signs and symptoms

  • A brief overview of the short/long term effects (complications) of diabetes

  • What is a foot ulcer?

  • The observable risk factors leading to foot problems

  • Suitable and unsuitable footwear for people with diabetes

  • The causes of neuropathy and peripheral arterial disease (PAD)

  • The appropriate action to take and advice to give clients

  • Practical demonstration by the educator who then observes and assists the learners during their practical session


The learners have plenty of 'hands on feet' time to put the theory and skills learnt into practice.

Grab a cuppa and tune into a couple of chats we recorded during National Feet Week 2023 relating to our training and support for people working in beauty and holistic therapy roles. A big thank you to Suzanne and Louise for their fantastic contribution!
Watch the videos.


In house: contact us 

Online course: 

Learn at a time and pace that suits you!  Re-visit the content whenever you want to! 

This course is currently being updated and moving to a new platform.  Please email us if you would like to register your interest and be notified once available.

Open workshops (in person): new for 2024 - please get in touch if interested as dates and venues currently being planned.

Ankle Brachial Pressure Index (ABPI) Assessment
 full day f2f  or  4 hours virtual

This workshop is designed to build on the learner’s knowledge and understanding of diabetes and wound management; giving them ability to further assess the vascular status of an individual to establish or exclude the presence of peripheral arterial disease (PAD).  Up to 8 learners can be accommodated at the workshop, which covers:

  • The rationale behind undertaking an ABPI assessment

  • The principles of Doppler Ultrasound

  • Detecting a healthy artery and different waveforms using a doppler

  • Preparing a patient for an ABPI assessment

  • Carrying out an ABPI assessment in a clinical setting

  • Measuring, calculating and interpreting the ABPI

  • Factors that may influence the accuracy of an ABPI reading

  • When not to carry out an ABPI assessment

  • The rationale behind performing a Toe pressures/Toe Brachial Pressure Index (TBPI) assessment

  • Carrying out a TBPI assessment in a clinical setting

  • Measuring, calculating and interpreting the TBPI

  • Practical demonstration by the educator (a HCPC registered podiatrist) who then observes and assists the learners during a practical session



In house: contact us 

Open workshop: varies depending on location and venue

Diabetic Foot Screening Train the Trainer
2 day course

This workshop is currently being developed and will be available later in 2024. 

We want to help organisations to train more people to competently examine feet for existing and potential problems. This course is ideal for HCPs involved in delivering diabetes training and/or leading in diabetes care for an individual organisation or defined geographical area/patient population; roles such as diabetes specialist nurse, practice nurse (diabetes lead), clinical lead/trainer (care providers) and podiatrist.

This two day course takes the learners through a training and diabetic foot journey including all aspects covered in our 'diabetic foot screening' workshop along with:

  • an interactive general 'train the trainer' session to provide generic skills which the learner can use throughout their career 

  • an introduction to diabetes and podiatry

  • screening of the diabetic foot - a practical guide

  • the tools and confidence to deliver effective diabetic foot screening training


Pre-developed training materials to run 'diabetic foot screening' workshops within your organisation/geographical area are then available to access under a license agreement once a member (or more) of your organisation has attended and passed the course.


More details will follow regarding the cost to attend the 2 day course and subsequent levels of licensing agreements on offer.


Please register your interest by clicking the button below to send us an email with your name, place of work, role and contact details.  We will then be in touch to discuss in more detail.

*Cost: all prices stated will be subject to VAT.  For face to face in house workshops, prices quoted exclude the educator's travel/accommodation - depending on the location of the workshop this may be an additional cost which will be discussed and agreed prior to issuing an invoice

Open workshops

For a summary of all planned face to face open workshops, including locations
and prices

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