Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access services from DUET diabetes?

Information regarding our diabetes workshops can be obtained by either telephoning (01799 584178), emailing ( or by using the form provided on the “contact us” page.  The process in summary:

  • Firstly, via telephone/email, we ascertain your training needs

  • DUET diabetes then tailors an appropriate workshop/programme/service to meet those needs

  • A provisional training date is identified, along with other organisational requirements (such as training room availability)

  • A booking form is sent to you (the organiser) for completion and signature

  • Upon receipt of the signed booking form an invoice is issued for a 50% deposit to secure the training date

  • Once the deposit has been paid, DUET diabetes confirms the training date by sending a signed service agreement to the organiser

  • A final invoice is issued after the agreed service has been provided

  • Upon receipt of final payment, DUET diabetes provides “certificates of attendance” to the organiser for each attendee plus a post workshop evaluation report.


Where do the workshops take place?

The workshops are usually conducted at your place of work thus keeping down the travel costs for the attendees. 

DUET diabetes also runs open workshops from time to time, where individual places can be booked to attend a specific date.  

During the coronavirus pandemic a number of workshops have been available as live and interactive webinar sessions.  These will continue to be offered even when face to face training resumes (planned for May 2022).


How much do the workshops cost?

DUET diabetes provides a personal, flexible service depending on the individual requirements of your setting and your staff and therefore prices for 'in house' training will be provided according to which (combination of) workshops are required. Please be assured that the cost will be competitive and reflect the current market and environment.

The cost of our open workshops can be found on the workshop pages or here, along with a summary of all upcoming open workshops.

From April 2022, all prices quoted will be subject to VAT.


Do we (the commissioning organisation) need to provide any equipment?

No. DUET diabetes provides all the necessary equipment (i.e. projector, screen etc.), unless you have such provision.

Are certificates provided for attendees?

Yes, certificates of attendance for all attendees are sent electronically after the workshop has taken place (once the final payment has been received for in house sessions).


Does DUET diabetes offer training/education for non-residential settings?

Yes! As well as for care homes, our services have been used by the following:

  • Day care centres

  • Providers of care to individuals in their own home 

  • GP practices

  • Podiatry / Foot Health Practitioners


Can other members of staff attend the workshop (i.e. dining room assistant)?

Yes.  We would encourage other relevant members of staff to attend the training where appropriate.  For example, we have had dining room assistants and regular volunteers attend the 'Diabetes Awareness Training' workshop as they were considered to be vital members of the team by their employers.


Can you provide training and education for qualified nurses?

Yes we can. We offer a range of workshops relevant for registered nurses (for details please see our workshops page) or you may wish to arrange a bespoke service to reflect your needs.  Please contact us using the form on our “contact us” page.


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Terms and Conditions


Please read these terms and conditions carefully.  By booking any of our services, you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions.