Testimonials 2021 onwards

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Diabetic Foot Screening webinar workshop, May 2021

Very informative in a relaxed forum. Comprehensive coverage. I have experience of examining feet of elderly who may or may not be diabetic; this study session has reinforced existing knowledge and developed further on what to look for, how to perform a comprehensive assessment and what to do with findings. Really enjoyed the session and very grateful for additional videos to review 

Kenna Crawford

Outreach Nurse for the Elderly

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Diabetes Awareness and Blood Glucose Monitoring & Glucometer Training webinar workshop, April 2021

Myself and my colleague recently attended the ‘diabetes awareness and blood glucose monitoring & glucometer training’. There is only one word that I can describe this training as – FANTASTIC. With the knowledge of the trainers, we learnt more than we ever have regarding diabetes training and my colleague has been in care for over 20 years! The trainers were able to answer any questions we needed answering and sign posted us to the relevant information to provide the best care we can for those living with diabetes. I would highly recommend this training to anyone.

Ryan Wicks

Care Manager, Boars Tye Residential Home Ltd. 

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Diabetes Awareness and Blood Glucose Monitoring & Glucometer Training webinar workshop, April 2021

Really enjoyable...an excellent refresher and found the glucometer training interesting as that is something which I had not covered before..

Deborah Rudling

Training Manager, First Choice Home Care

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Insulin Awareness/Update & Injection Technique webinar workshop, March 2021

Covered all points of agenda, clear explanations, interactive, practice orientated. Excellent workshop.

Sigita Kaleja

Care Home Manager at Saxonwood

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Attended Ankle Brachial Pressure Index Assessment webinar workshop, February 2021

Working on my own in clinic confidence can waver, this was like a friend explaining each point in clear, simple details, with pictures and video of procedures. Very easy to follow and so it has instilled confidence, so much so I have just placed an order for the Huntleigh Kit. I appreciate the level of interpretation having the picture of the waveforms can give now and allow me to make informed decision of what I'm hearing. I often write to GPs with my findings, this tutorial has given me confidence. Thank you.  I already have been on raving about the workshop to others who may be even more nervous than I was.

Anne Melville


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Attended Ankle Brachial Pressure Index Assessment webinar workshop, February 2021

All of it was useful, watching the videos were a big help to understanding protocol for ABPI as were the practical elements of working out the results.  For me personally, it ticked all the boxes of what I needed. For colleagues such as myself, who work in independent practice and often alone this is a great workshop to get that confidence back.

Amanda Scott-Barker

Podiatrist, Amanda Scott Podiatry Clinic

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Attended Diabetic Foot Screening webinar workshop, January 2021

It gave me the confidence to do a clear concise referral which was what I found myself doing only the following day! So thank you. I was able to assess the situation, and confidently describe my findings to a GP thus ensuring my patient had the care he so badly needed.  I thought Gemma was a lovely, easy going lecturer. And Lynn had orchestrated the whole thing beautifully. I was able to access all the necessary material I needed prior to the workshop in preparation.

Emma Gerardin

Foot Health Practitioner, Cornwall

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Diabetic Foot Awareness for Beauty & Wellness Therapists webinar workshop, February 2021

Gaining a really good understanding of how to perform a thorough foot examination with confidence and how to advise my clients with my gained knowledge. I felt very assured Gemma was so highly trained and has exemplary expertise, I learnt so much from her today! Just brilliant thank you so much!  I most certainly will display my certificate of participation and promote this workshop to anyone that works as a pedicurist to attend this valuable training!



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Managing Diabetes in the Acutely Unwell Older Person webinar workshop, February 2021

It was all relevant and particularly useful was the information about DKA and HHS and what causes blood glucose to go up or down.  It has brought to my attention the key differences between caring for someone who is older and has frailty opposed to other age groups. 


Registered Nurse