Summary of scheduled virtual open workshops 

The following workshops are regularly run as open workshops (see below for dates and costs):

  • A combined Diabetes Awareness Training and Blood Glucose Monitoring & Glucometer Training

  • Diabetic Foot Screening

  • Diabetes: Eating for Health

  • Diabetic Foot Awareness for Beauty and Wellness Therapists

  • Ankle Brachial Pressure Index Assessment

  • Insulin Awareness and Injection Technique

NEW for 2022

  • Enhanced Diabetes Awareness Training workshop

In July 2020 we expanded our service to work with the beauty and wellness sector to help people who provide foot related treatments to understand the 'diabetic foot' more fully, including when and when not to treat.  More information can be found via the 'hands on feet' link on our workshops page.

DUET diabetes can help people to upskill and increase their confidence when treating or looking after people with diabetes.  The ultimate aim being to make a positive difference to adults living with diabetes and their quality of life, regardless of their age or circumstances.

Details regarding the content of our workshops, can be found on our workshops page.

We also work with organisations to run workshops in house (virtually at the moment!) - If you would like to organise training exclusively for your organisation, please contact us to discuss.

A summary of currently scheduled dates are listed below; more information and links to book / reserve places or register your interest can be found on our 'diabetes virtual workshops' page.  Additional workshops and dates will be added to the list in the coming weeks.

Diabetes Awareness and Blood Glucose Monitoring & Glucometer Training, £58pp

Ankle Brachial Pressure Index Assessment, £55pp

10 May 2022

Insulin Awareness and Injection Technique, £30pp

26 April 2022

Diabetes: Eating for Health, £25pp

27 April 2022

Enhanced Diabetes Awareness, £58pp

12 May 2022

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