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Education, Communication and Collaboration

"Together we can make a difference"

Firstly, we assume that your goal is the same as ours?
And that is…to make a difference for people living with diabetes. To help them maintain, or even improve, their health and well-being. To prevent (or at the very least minimise the chance of) complications associated with their condition. In a nutshell, to ensure that their quality of life is the best it can be regardless of their age or circumstances.

We feel that this common goal can be achieved through effective education, communication and collaboration.

We are an approved training provider, offering friendly and interactive sessions tailored to you. Our collaborative approach ensures improved confidence in understanding the condition and appropriate skills to support people living with diabetes. We come highly recommended for our clinically relevant, practical, and evidence-based training, ensuring value for money. With small groups and a wealth of supportive resources^, we prioritise your training needs and agreed outcomes.

Led by experienced healthcare professionals our sessions improve confidence and build (or refresh) knowledge as well as offer the opportunity to learn new skills (as evidenced by the pre and post training surveys and feedback forms completed by learners*).  

As well as being experienced healthcare professionals, our educators also have the expertise to share their knowledge; using real life examples to bring the subject matter to life and embed the knowledge.

We ensure that we spend time listening to and ascertaining your needs - so that your investment in training is effective in driving the outcomes you desire.

We strive to deliver workshops on days, at times, and venues that suit our customers and through media that ensure learners are engaged and learn well. 
Taking into account different learning styles, our workshops are safe, inclusive and non-judgemental learning environments where questions and participation is encouraged (but not forced!).

We have a wide range of customers which include: social care providers, healthcare providers (NHS and private), care associations and independent not-for-profit companies supporting social care providers, beauty and wellbeing organisations.
Visit our testimonials page to read what some of our learners/commissioners have to say!

We would love to support you and you/your organisation’s training needs… 
pick up the phone or send us an email so that we can start to discuss how our service can help you and the people living with diabetes you support.

^ as well as receiving a certificate, each learner is provided with a printed delegate pack containing comprehensive resources to support their learning

*we use the ‘gather’ online platform to collect and collate pre and post workshop confidence surveys and feedback forms

Below are some examples of the results (and impact) our sessions have had:

Overall Confidence (Self-Assessed) regarding supporting/managing adults living with diabetes and conducting diabetes reviews:

DA8CPs pre training.PNG
DA8CPS post training.PNG

Overall Confidence (Self-Assessed) regarding carrying out a diabetic foot screening examination: 

DFS pre training.PNG
DFS post training.PNG

How do you best learn?

Hpw do you best learn pie chart.PNG
How do you best learn key.PNG
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