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Three podiatrists and a camera!

We thought a filmed interview with 3 experienced HCPC registered podiatrists discussing their roles and the part they play in managing, treating and preventing diabetic foot problems would make a change!

A big thank you to the three experienced podiatrists Sushila, Rashmita and Gemma for taking time last year to talk to Lynne, Director and Service Lead at DUET diabetes. It was really interesting to gain an insight from their perspective and the important role podiatrists play in helping people to look after their feet.

As well as a practising HCPC podiatrist based at the 'Love your Feet' podiatry clinic in Clacton, Gemma works with DUET diabetes to develop and run the 'Hands on Feet' training portfolio. You can read more about Gemma on our 'about us' page.

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